Monday, July 15, 2013

Obama Atlas

Dear President Obama,

I knew about your AMAZING Climate Change Speech but I am embarrassed that I didn't see or hear it...UNTIL TODAY! 

I was watching Bill Moyers yesterday and it was pointed out about how little the media paid attention to this monumental speech. They said that FOX NEWS actually faded out part of your talk and diverted to a naysayer!!!  I couldn't believe it!

I am SO PROUD of you for standing up and saying ALL the things this One Worried Mom was wishing you would say. Now us Americans (and our global community) need to stand behind your words and support you.

I am going to sign this new THANK YOU piece and letter from ONE HOPEFUL MOM!

THANK YOU MR. are on the right track and I admire you more than ever for using your power and voice for the good of this planet!

Sincerely yours,

Monday, May 13, 2013


Dear President Obama,

Well...this is the last collage/letter that I am sending you at this time. Maybe if I get inspired with a new idea I'll send you one now and again and post it to my blog...but I got out of this journey what I needed and that is to renew my own commitment to WALKING MY OWN TALK (when it comes to climate change).  It's easy to point fingers but we all have to do our part. I fall short of MY part often.

I've been averaging a couple hours a day creating and sending these to you and now I want to spend those hours learning how to make my house more energy efficient. I want to spend those morning hours that I worked on these...working in my garden.

My partner and I don't have a TV but we LOVE the BBC Robin Hood Series and bought them all on DVD.  For the past year or so we have a 'date night' once every couple weeks and watch an episode on our computer!  We finished the last of the series last night and since Robin Hood is our FAVORITE HERO I'm making this last one in his image. 

Robin Hood fought for the downtrodden and believed that the wealthy should share the spoils with the poor.  The huge POWER & OIL companies are getting RICH at the expense of the PLANET!

Please WALK YOUR TALK Mr. President...make the environment your PRIORITY for all our children and grandchildren and generations to come, reduce our carbon emissions to 350, be the GREEN PRESIDENT who put an end to the climate change disaster!   BE OUR HERO!

I hope everyone who read these offerings got something from them. It made me feel good to do them and I learned a lot in the process~

Sincerely yours,

Obama Tea Time

Dear Mr. President,

A friend of mine suggested that I use an Alice in Wonderland theme for one of my collages so I was trying to think of which character I should choose.

Last week I got to host my first Tea Party for my God-daughter who turned 11. (I had a boy and he never wanted a Tea Party, so this was SO FUN).

Anyhow, I dressed up fancy and wearing my top hat, I kept thinking about the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and decided to use it as the theme.  That got me to wondering what people in the 'tea party' think about Climate Change.  (This is how my mind works).

Ah Ha!  So I read several articles on the subject and was surprised that among tea party supporters FEWER people believe that climate change is a problem than believe you are Muslim.

A New York Times/CBS News poll suggests only 14 percent of the Tea Party supporters consider global warming a serious problem. YIKES!!!  I find that fact shocking.

I really think that our population on the WHOLE has pushed this threat under the rug for now. We are not keeping it on the HIGH PRIORITY list!

My son used to have a favorite song that was popular on the radio called IT'S A MAD WORLD! It moved me when he would sing it!  We all need to STOP THE MADNESS.  What's that old saying?.....Stop and SMELL THE TEA (Coffee)!


Friday, May 10, 2013

Obama Dorothy

Dear President Obama,

This is the 50th original collage that I've mailed to you! My sister gave me this idea. I was going to make you the Tin Man but she said Dorothy is the one who says, "There's No Place Like Home" and that I should make you be Dorothy! (A little humor here).

Anyhoo...If a tornado whisked me off into the future and I landed in tomorrowland, I wonder what it would look like? Would it be a scenario from a Mad Max movie or would it be green and sparkly like the land of Oz? 

We all need to be like the Tin Man and have a heart...we need that heart to beat loud for our precious HOME, we need to be like the Scarecrow and use our brains to figure out creative, sustainable solutions and most of all EACH ONE OF US needs to be like the Lion and have courage to speak up.

I'm clicking my ruby slippers together and saying "THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME, THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!" Not just the USA but the WHOLE beautiful PLANET!

Earthfully yours,

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Obama SNOW in May!

Dear President Obama,

I hear global warming naysayers shouting, "How can this be GLOBAL's been a cold winter and it's SNOWING IN MAY!"

Yes, it's true we had a SNOWSTORM in Arkansas in May this year BUT that is the FIRST time in recorded history.

I'm so glad that scientists are now calling the weather challenges CLIMATE CHANGE because that term is much for accurate for what is happening in the world.

Everyone can see with their own eyes the drastic CHANGES in the weather.  A couple winters ago we had an unprecedented ice storm that made our town look like a war zone, everyone lost power for over a week.  The Ozark woods are littered with 2 year old kindlin'...YIKES!

The drought and temps in the 100's last summer stressed those already stressed trees to the breaking point.  WE ALL NEED TO PUT THIS SUBJECT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON THE FRONT BURNER!

Happy Spring,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Obama Immortal

Dear President Obama,

My greatest joy and treasure in my life is my SON! I love being a mother. What a great experience to be a parent.

I believe that you and Michelle are wonderful parents. I read a quote once that said OUR CHILDREN MAKE US IMMORTAL. Our legacy is passed on down though our children and their children and so on.

I am looking forward to becoming a Grandmother someday (but I'm not RUSHING it) son is only 22, plenty of time.  BUT thinking about the possibility of 'grandchildren' has made me think about the environment in ways that I had not before. 

I want to help make the planet a BETTER place for those future generations and I want to dedicate this last phase of my journey on this Earth to that goal.

Making these collages/letters to you is a way that I remind myself DAILY to look for ways to speak up and make changes. They are like a DAILY meditation for me and a touchstone.  PASS IT ON!

For the Earth,

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Obama Where's Waldo

TO READERS...Sorry...I couldn't remember how to ROTATE the picture...I've only had a couple horizontal ones and somehow figured it out before but couldn't turn it this time. Ooooops.  

Dear President Obama,

I used to LOVE Where's Waldo books. My son and I would spend hours trying to find Waldo in a sea of faces.

I want you to know that I mean NO disrespect with ANY of my collages.  I am merely wishing that you would put CLIMATE CHANGE on the FRONT BURNER and this is the only way I can think of to make my little voice and concerns heard.

So I am just wondering WHERE YOU ARE on this subject.  Where's Obama???  In a SEA of pressing issues, Climate Change is one of MANY.

Sincerely yours,